Invitation of 2021 Qingdao International Beer Festival


16th Jul - 08th Aug, 2021, Qingdao

     The 2021 Qingdao International Beer Festival Asian Oktoberfest will be held late July 16th 2021 through August 8th 2021 on Golden Sands Beach of Qingdao west coast.


     Qingdao Beer Festival started back in 1991 as the 100th birthday celebration of Qingdao City. Now it has matured over the years into Asia’s largest annual beer festival (Asian Oktoberfest) with more than 200 beer brands from all over the world having successfully participated.


     Ukrainian Exporters Club, as an invited exhibitor, will present the festival as a representative of Ukrainian beer manufacturers. If you are interested to show and sell your beer on festival and in perennial exhibition center, please join us.